Googlenomics course

So, here’s a revival (hopefully) of this personal blog, although also somewhat or maybe mostly work related, not sure yet. I will discuss topics that are interesting to me and maybe also to others. I will also use this blog to develop course material, for anyone to use as they see fit. This is what I will start with in these Corona Spring weeks.

I work at a university of Applied Science and teach mainly data related courses, and lately have been wondering and discussing with colleagues what would be a good data related course for first year students in our Business School. I’ve come up with Googlenomics. I believe if you learn how Google operates you will learn a lot about data, but also a lot about digital life and its perils in the 21st century. As I’m somewhat schooled in didactics, let’s start off with the learning goals. I want my students to be able to use Google as data literate knowledgeable users and thereby find advantages in effectiveness, efficiency and privacy protection. To this end I need to address two underlying learning goals:

1: Student knows what happens under the hood when he/she enters a search word in Google Search and is able to use this knowledge
2: Student knows the stakeholders and understands their roles in the Google economy

The age of Surveillance capitalism

As this blog is developing, I’m reading ‘The age of surveillance capitalism’, according to the Financial Telegraph written by the ‘True prophet of the information age’ Shoshana Zuboff. As this is a ‘book’ and contains 500+ pages and is written in an intellectual style, just three reasons why most of my students will never see the inside, so I’ll try to break it down and implement some of it into course material for the Googlenomics course.

I will be writing lesson 1 in the upcoming week: What happened before you typed in a word in Google Search?